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Behind The Scenes Award 2017- Lucerne Blues Festival

Lucerne Blues Festival, represented on stage by Martin Kari Bruendler has received a "Behind the Scenes" award in the category "Promotion". This is the second year in a row that Switzerland receives such an honor, after Hannes Anrig last year in the category "Producer".

Mike Vernon also received a price this year in the category "Production" for his envolvement in the blues through the production of many artists (Clapton, Mayall, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, ....) and many recordings: a list if his production discography can be found on wikipedia.

David Baerst received the award in the category "Media" for his radio show "Route 66" and his many interviews he has been making for years with great blues artists.

Congratulations to all these people who keep the blues alive !